Lock It Up- A Short Story

Today is my best friends birthday and though I’ve already dedicated a blog to her(Every Girl Needs a Wing Woman) I felt this was an appropriate time to share a very brief but very funny story of my girl Meghan. If you’ve met Meghan, you know that she is by far the kindest person you will ever meet. She always asks questions about the people she meets, eager to get to know them rather than telling about herself. You know that old saying “people won’t remember what you did but they will remember how you made them feel”? Well Meg just makes people feel good. 

A few years back, before my girls became mommas, we were out on one of our girls-only dance party extravaganzas. Somehow we found ourselves at Bar None, a total dump on the lower east side, infested with NYU students. Despite the likely underage crowd and limited space, the dance floor at Bar None is ALWAYS poppin and exactly what we were in the mood for. 

After a few drinks and dances, I told the girls I’d be back, just taking a quick trip to the restroom. While there, these two strangers were taking selfies and so I offered to take a picture for them. They were over the top alcohol-influenced friendly and wanted to take a picture with me instead, repeating how pretty they thought I was. I finished up in the bathroom, bid my new friends farewell and returned to the dance floor. When I got back to Amy and Meg, I apologized for taking so long, jokingly explaining that I made besties with the girls the bathroom. It was at that moment that Meghan did something so out of her character, we still talk about it today. She looked me square in the eye, aggressively pointed her finger in my face, pursed her lips and said “WE’RE your best friends. LOCK it up!” I exploded with laughter! The sweetest person in all of NYC just got bitchy with me and it was hilarious! 

Years later and we all still giggle about this random moment of possessiveness. If I post a picture on Instagram with other friend circles, I’ll receive a “lock it up” text message, all teasingly of course. 

Meghan, I hope you feel as sassy today on your birthday as you did that night so many years ago. Lift that arm, drop that head back, close those eyes and dance my friend. I love you! 

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