Colorado…Not Everyone Is A Part of the Club

A few years ago I started this silly trend on instagram called Tank Top Tuesday. Every Tuesday I’d post a picture of me wearing a tank with some sassy phrase usually about cats or wine.(a few favorites posted below) Sure it’s ridiculous but I have no shame in my game and Tuesday’s tanks used to be very exciting! Maybe I’ll bring it back.

 The reason I tell you about #tanktoptuesday is because I thought it would be a nice segway into a quick funny story from college. One day my freshman year of college I went shopping at Forever 21, a college students key to low prices and trendy clothes. Now I walk in and feel far, very far from 21. If you’ve ever been shopping at Forever 21 then you know it’s a mad house, no rhyme or reason and it takes skill to find what you want in your size. That day however, I struck gold. I found THE item! While sifting through tees, I discovered a shirt that says “Colorado, we’re all part of the mile high club”. A shirt that said “Colorado” on it!? It felt like fate! I could show off my love of my native state in my newly adopted city!

Beaming with pride I took it back to the dorms and proudly showed my roommate Heather. Her face dropped as she prepared to give me the bad news. “Ummm…Jezz? Do you know what that means?” Of course I knew what it meant! Colorado is the mile high state! Perfect! “No Jezz…. mile high club means you’ve had sex in an airplane…” My 18 year old virgin heart sank. How could this be!? I couldn’t wear it as a proud Coloradian NOW! 

13 years later and that shirt is still in my drawer. Its never been worn out of the house but I just never had the heart to get rid of it. Now it’s a friendly reminder of my innocent youth and a funny story to retell. Happy #tanktoptuesday! 

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